Holistic Curriculum

LEAP Childcare yoga

Our curriculum is unlike others because we focus on the whole child. Our unique curriculum was designed by stated license teachers through the Department of Public Instruction. One of our teachers is Special Education Certified and can accommodate and make modifications for children who require Special Education services. We use extensive collaborative learning with mindfulness, yoga, essential oil therapy and a balanced healthy diet. Your child will receive a multiage educational foundation that will prepare them for their next step on their learning journey.

Creative Art

Children at L.E.A.P participate in a creative art project daily. These activities foster the imagination and develop fine motor skills, in addition to fostering cognitive, emotional and social development. Studies have shown that children who engage in hands-on art activities learn much better in all disciplines, which is why it is such an important part of our L.E.A.P curriculum.


Drama is a wonderful way to nourish a child’s imagination. Children over two participate in drama activities that instill creativity, expression and self-confidence. During drama, children learn to think outside the box and participate as part of a group.


At L.E.A.P, we strive to help each student develop strong, healthy bodies and minds. We have included yoga into our curriculum to assist with this. Yoga helps children develop body awareness, build concentration and manage stress. One of our many goals is for children to learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way to increase their confidence and positive self-image. During yoga, children feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.

Music & Dance

Children of all ages can express themselves through music and many research studies have linked music to accelerated brain development and high academic achievement. It corresponds with the areas of child development we focus on at L.E.A.P including intellectual, social and emotional, fine and gross motor, language and literacy. Children here receive music and dance as part of their everyday curriculum to teach the body and mind to work together. Whether they are listening to music, singing simple short songs, learning to reproduce rhythms or making their own instruments, we instill a love for all music and movement at a young age and nurture the role it plays in the children’s development and everyday lives.


L.E.A.P children practice mindfulness daily with our Tibetan singing bowl. We also teach the children to be mindful of all parts of their bodies and spend time focusing on their breathing with “breathing buddies”. L.E.A.P incorporates mindful “noticing walks” in to our curriculum and we practice mindful eating during meals and snacks. Watch this video to learn more about how mindfulness can be beneficial for your family.