LEAP Growth

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a learning environment that is healthy, creative, engaging, and mindful.

Our Vision

Our vision is an inviting educational center that is safe, nurturing, and caters to both a child’s mind and body. Our holistic approach takes children on a learning journey that allows individual gifts and talents to be showcased.

Holistic Curriculum

Our curriculum is unlike others because we focus on the whole child. Our unique curriculum was designed by stated license teachers through the Department of Public Instruction. One of our teachers is Special Education Certified and can accommodate and make modifications for children who require Special Education services. We use extensive collaborative learning with Mindfulness, yoga, essential oil therapy and a balanced healthy diet. Your child will receive a multiage educational foundation that will prepare them for their next step on their learning journey.  Read More >

Educator’s Perspective

As classroom teachers, we have seen a range of issues children face, including behavior and health problems. We believe many of these issues can be prevented with proper early care. We plan to use yoga, mindfulness, essential oil therapy, and a nutritious diet beginning at a very young age, so children begin an early routine of a healthy lifestyle. We are equipped to take children on an educational path that includes extensive collaborative learning.

Educator’s Goals

  • LEAP looks forward to co-programming, which holistically involves children, families, and the community.
  • To provide learning environments reflective of children’s interests, welcoming spaces that invite children to explore, and make choices independently, or alongside others.
  • To teach the children to love and create, be thoughtful, be respectful, and be mindful of their bodies and their choices, as well as those of others.


A child needs to feel safe! We provide learning environments that are diverse and welcoming. Our center allows children to explore and make choices independently, or alongside others. We have a strong emphasis on Mindfulness, which focuses on the awareness of your environment. This emphasis supports children as they learn to share the environment and respect others.

Active Play

Our center’s ambience has a natural, organic feel. We wanted our center inside to be an extension of nature and our outdoor play space. Being active is an important part of growth for your child’s body and mind. Our outdoor exploring time allows children to be exposed to the natural world and its beauty! Your child will have ample time each day to be creative and help build on the natural development of physical skills outdoors while allowing for appropriate developmental play in the classroom.